Taking Control

Have you ever skimmed through a blog article and quickly switched sites as nothing on the website grabbed your attention? How about changing a YouTube video a few seconds after it started? It’s not your fault that you can no longer watch a YouTube video for over ten seconds before checking out the suggested videos on the sidebar. The reason your attention span is shrinking is that you are bombarded with distractions.

Any person who has a marketing background knows how to say or present something at the right time to keep you interested. You can do the same when we are working on important tasks or goals. However, you cannot maintain the interest indefinitely. My goal here is to help you develop laser-sharp focus and apply it to whatever it is you are working on. Whether you’re drowning in a sea of distractions or learning to turn distractions into opportunities to get things done, the most important thing is to identify and control your distractors. This is what you will learn in this course.

You can use the techniques you learn in this course to increase your productivity in your professional life, or simply get more enjoyment out of your personal life. In the end, you’ll have an arsenal at your disposal to eliminate distractions and fine-tune your focus.

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