6 Reasons Why Confidence Leads to Success

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What is Confidence?

Confidence is a belief that you can trust someone or something. Therefore, self-confidence is believing in your own self, skills, and abilities.

There are two types of confidence. 1. External confidence, which is confidence that you project. It helps close deals and make friends.  2. Internal confidence, which is confidence that you feel inside. It tells you how comfortable you are in a particular situation, such as giving a speech to a large audience or talking to strangers in a bar. When someone is self-confident, they have both external confidence and internal confidence. Just like I said before, they believe in themselves, their own skills, talents, and abilities.

6 Reasons Why Confidence Leads To Success:

Before we get into the 6 reasons, it is important that I mention that this is not a complete list and we will cover other characteristics and traits in future videos and blogs.

  1. They Take Risks: Risk taking is not about gambling your life savings away or jumping off a bridge. It involves taking well educated and calculated risks. Confident people are not shy about coming up with new ideas and trying them. They always take calculated risks because bigger risks result in bigger rewards. When a competition is hesitant to even attempt a risk, confident people are the ones who are taking the risk, and this gives them the edge.
  2. They Listen More: By listening and allowing other people to talk more, confident people can gather information and learn. They also ask open-ended questions which allow other people to talk freely. This comes in handy when they are making sales presentations because they can tailor the products specs to the customer’s needs. Listening more also allows them to understand the requirements for any tasks that are given to them.
  3. They Effectively Communicate: This goes hand in hand with listening more. Communicating effectively with confidence is not about being loud. Effectively being able to communicate involves using the correct tone of voice, eye contact, and body language in the right environment. When speaking with confidence the voice should be low pitch voice with a smooth cadence. Do not bounce the pitch around by going from high to low to high. Confident people also speak up and stand up for themselves and their beliefs. They also avoid filler words such as “umm,” “uhh,” “like,” etc. People who speak with confidence are ones who get promoted more and close more sales because they speak with authority. They are confident in their knowledge and what they are saying. Ask yourself, who would you rather buy a product from, someone who does not know the specs of the product and struggling with the sale, or someone who is confident in knowing everything about the product? The same applies if the same two salespeople were up for a promotion. The one who is confident is the one who put the effort in to learn everything possible about the product on his/her own. While any person can be trained for any job position, the one who attempts to learn on their own will be easier to teach, train, and will require fewer company resources. Therefore, they are a better candidate for the promotion.
  4. They Are Not Afraid to Fail: The easiest thing to do in life is to play it safe and stay within your comfort zone. When most people encounter failure, they see it as “Game over.” Confident people are constantly pushing their limits outside of their comfort zone. They approach failure with an attitude that if they fail, it is an opportunity to learn from the experience and do it better the next time. Someone once asked Thomas Edison what it was like failing 1000 times trying to make the light bulb. His response was that he did not fail 1000 times. He just found 1000 different ways how not to make a light bulb. If he would have given up at 999, we would all be living in darkness today. Because of people like Thomas Edison who do not get pulled down by failure, we have all the advances in technology, automobile, and the medical field today. 
  5. They Take Massive Action: Although taking massive action means doing more than an average person. It does not mean working harder. If all it took was hard work to become successful, you would see millionaire garbage men and labor workers everywhere. Massive action involves taking full ownership of the problems, mistakes and failures along the way and doing everything possible to rectify them as they arise. Confident people take massive action and always end up finishing the task they start. By taking massive action, they can also expand their knowledge, experience, and find more opportunities.
  6. They Have Self-Discipline: Self-discipline allows people to keep a strict schedule, healthy eating habits, and exercise routines. Having self-discipline also gives people the power to say “No,” to distracting or harmful things such as going out for drinks during the weekday or binge-watching a series on Netflix while they could do more productive things with their time. Having self-discipline allows people to stick to their goals and commitments and achieve success.


When someone has low confidence, they do not take enough action and they are always second guessing their decisions. They often need to seek approval from bosses and coworkers. This leads to things getting done slower and missed opportunities. People who are confident earn more and get promoted more. Their confidence manifests in the way they walk, communicate, and socialize.

Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you can learn to become confident. It will not happen overnight, but if you put in consistent work and effort, you can learn to become confident. Start today by assessing your own skills and abilities. Next figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and then work on improving your weaknesses.

If you are interested in learning more ways to become confident, check out my book Hidden Secrets of Confidence Uncovered: 17 Secrets That Make Confident People Successful.

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