How to Avoid Regrets and Live Your Life to the Fullest

Do you ever regret not doing or saying something? If so, watch the video above.

When elderly people in nursing homes or elderly people on their deathbed are asked about their biggest regrets in life, they never say that they regret not working longer hours, not making another $100,000 dollars before retirement, and not buying that sports car. Their regret most often are about simple things. They regret not spending enough time with their spouse, kids, and not resolving any family issues. They regret not being open about their feelings. They regret not enjoying life more and traveling. They regret not taking enough career chances or starting their own business. They regret not taking care of their body and health more. Despite what society wants you to think where you must work hard in your mid-life and only enjoy life after retirement, the truth is, most of the happiest of times are doing the mid-life when the spouse is still alive, and children are young and living at home. Therefore, live and enjoy this moment before it is too late. Ask the special someone to marry you, go on the dream vacation, and do not let the most precious years of your life slip by.

“Live life to the fullest and never have a regretful day ever.”

Shawn Christian, M.D.

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