How Successful Confident People Take Risks

Nowadays, the majority of people who are looking for jobs follow the same process. Find a job post online, submit your application, and resume through an online portal and hope that someone will contact you for an interview.

Like many people, Erica was looking for a job. It was 2009, and the United States was in the middle of a recession. So not only were there not a lot of jobs, there were a higher number of unemployed people looking to land a job. Several months had gone by sending job applications and resumes over the online job portals, which resulted in getting little to no interest from hiring managers.

Instead of continuing to do what everyone was doing and getting no success, Erica realized she needed to stand out and get attention, so she decided to try something new. She posted an ad on Facebook for a job she wanted, and target users who had disclosed in their profile they worked for the company she was looking to get hired for.  Alongside a smiling photo of herself, the headline read, “I’m Erica. I recent college graduate. My dream is to work for ABC company. Can you help? Click to see my resume.” An employee of the company noticed the ad and was impressed by her creative marketing tactics and blogged about it, asking if someone in publishing can hire this woman.

Lesson Learned:

Some people are stuck in a cage and usually hate taking risks. The cage is metaphorically a representation of their comfort zone. Erica went from just a regular job applicant to someone who got outside of her comfort zone and took a chance of trying something different using an “attention-getting tactic.” Confident people are not afraid to take chances or stand out. This is the reason why many people with confidence are successful.

People with low self-confidence are not sentenced to life being stuck in their comfort cage.  Often people who are stuck in their cage are dreamers who are waiting for the perfect moment to take action. By the time they are ready to get out of the cage and take action, the confident risk-taker has caught the reward. In the story above, Erica got noticed and got the job, while many strong applicants could not get the attention of the hiring manager. Confident risk-takers, like Erica, are successful because they do not limit themselves and are willing to get outside of their comfort zone cage and take risks when other people are hesitant.

Getting out of your comfort zone cage doesn’t mean you have to go sky diving, bungee jumping, or even riding a colossal roller coaster. It merely means that you take extra steps that help you get outside of your comfortable cage. All world-class confident, successful people do things that others don’t do. The confident, successful people are risk-takers, and their risks pay off big. Sure, some risks don’t work out, but when they don’t, successful confident people don’t let failures hold them back. They learn from them and move on.

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